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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AlternaCare?

AlternaCare is a nonprofit empowering people with Living Prevention literacy and lifestyle. Enrollment options are Free or Premium Membership.

How Long has AlternaCare Been Operating?

AlternaCare is a division of Eco Angels Foundation, Eco Angels was established as a 501(c)3 in 2009.

What is Living Prevention?

Living Prevention is a lifestyle based on literacy and the foundation of AlternaCare Premium Membership. Living Prevention is a curriculum Premium Members access.

What Do I Get as a Member?

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Are Membership Donations Refundable?

All donations are non-refundable but tax-deductible to support a nonprofit.

What Is Cost-Sharing?

Cost-sharing like a credit union, manages health care costs without health insurance and shares member costs for health care needs.

What is AlternaShare?

AlternaShare is an in-development 'healthy insurance alternative' built on Living Prevention first education. For details see AlternaShare.

What's the Difference Between AlternaCare and AlternaShare?

AlternaCare is the member community teaching Living Prevention.

AlternaShare is the healthy insurance alternative exclusively available to AlternaCare Premium members.

What Are the Costs?

AlternaShare costs are in development.

Does AlternaShare Save Money?


Monthly costs for AlternaShare are less than unsubsidized health insurance.

Capping the IUA per need, members know what to budget.

Capping the IUA's per year, each member knows their annual costs.

Built on holistic modalities for primary care, there's no self-funding holistic care.

Members are educated in wellness and recommended protocols credited to the IUA.

Do I Have to Enroll in Other AlternaCare Programs?

AlternaCare members are not required to enroll in any program after membership.

Do I Enroll in AlternaCare to Get AlternaShare?


AlternaCare Premium Membership provides the required prevention education ensuring AlternaShare members live prevention first and not a liability because each knows what real prevention is.

When Is AlternaShare Available?

AlternaShare will be available in 2021. To donate CLICK HERE.

Does AlternaShare Include Pre-Existing Sharing?

AlternaShare does not include pre-existing sharing day 1.

Instead, we will coach you to use your IUA to get results.

At month 13, AlternaShare includes pre-existing sharing up to $10,000.00.

At month 25, pre-existing sharing is capped at $15,000.00 to mo. 36

At month 37, there is no pre-existing cost-sharing cap.

IUA = is the out of pocket required before sharing.

What is an IUA?

IUA stand for "Individual Unshared Amount" that is the amount AlternaShare members pay out of pocket before sharing.

The amount of IUA is selected by the member at enrollment or changed at any time after enrollment.

IUA Options Include:




The IUA is per health episode and capped at 3-IUA for a single member annually, and 5-IUA for a family annually.

For Details see AlternaShare

What is AlternaBridge?

AlternaBridge is an in-development program for members with a pre-existing health crisis or age 64+.

For details Click Here

What is AlternaCaring?

AlternaCaring is our in-development Premium Member (12 mo.+ enrollment) life-crisis back-up for Premium Members for AlternaCare, AlternaShare & AlternaBridge costs. 

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What is the AlternaCare Mission?

Saving lives by empowering people is the AlternaCare mission. Click HERE.

What Do Donations Fund?

AlternaCare donations support operations.

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