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Our Mission

The AlternaCare Pledge to Members

  • Serving people - AlternaCare is a politically neutral community whose focus is serving all who want clean living tools.

  • Built on Living Prevention success - AlternaCare is founded on health truth and integrity.

  • Prevention Beats Cure - Ensuring prevention truths are known is in AlternaCare Premium Membership.

  • Prevention First - We believe living prevention first is the new paradigm for optimum health.

  • No One Goes It Alone - We believe in community. No one goes Living Prevention alone.

  • Create a Safe Space - The truth has enemies, we are toxic-people free safe space. who removes any who violate our membership commitment to health truth freedoms.

Living Prevention-first Saves Lives

  • Educate - Change starts when people are educated

  • Empower- Ensure people know trhe power of change is in reach.

  • Enlighten - Provide strategic plan of action for results.

  • Deliver - Results not found in conventional offers

  • Share - Wins of people Living Prevention successfully

  • Life-saving - Prevention beats cure as a lifestyle

  • Resolve - Complex problems with love in organic solutions

  • Innovation - Problems find answers when advocacy is the goal

  • Create - A new paradigm by Living Prevention Not Prescription

  • Reinvent - Health, health care, and health insurance holistically

  • Be - a cause for social good

  • Do - everthing with integrity

  • And more!

Advocate. Innovate. Educate.

Prevent. Protect

This is AlternaCare

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