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Meet Our Team

Our Team


    Kari E. Gray

    Founder, Director & CEO

    AlternaCare Foundation founder, director & CEO Kari E. Gray, is a thought-leader and visionary. A three-decade terminal cancer conqueror, Kari found a miraculous remission using alternative modalities. As a tactical problem-solver, Kari's professional skillsets are well reflected in career accomplishments which include the launch and operations of three successful companies, whose revenues in the millions reflect Kari's passion for business. AlternaCare is a fusion vision of a humanitarian whose motive is reinventing health, health care, and health insurance organically and holistically for the 21st-century as a better option. 

    Currently, Kari is developing and hosting Living Prevention TV as her 'pay it forward'. Sharing health truth by promoting the Living Prevention-first lifestyle is Kari's meaningful contribution to saving lives. By educating, enlightening, and empowering viewers with health truths, and living Prevention success stories, LPTV will be the message of hope and answers in a post COVID19 world.

    See Kari's LinkedIn Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kari-e-gray/

    Dr. Patricia Knox

    Dr. Patricia Knox

    Ph.D.- Director of Education

    Dr. Patricia Knox holds a Ph.D. in natural medicine and is a Doctor of Humanitarian Services and an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Patricia Knox, Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, DNM, DHS, DPSc, AMP, started her career as a Chemical Engineer. With her science background, she forged into the world of Quantum Physics and ultimately Quantum Medicine. As the owner of Living Concepts, Dr. Knox is the lead educator of the AlternaCare Living Prevention Academy and Ambassador for the World Organization of Natural Medicine Graduate School Faculty Chair for the International Quantum University Of Integrative Medicine.

    Gregory Lewis

    Gregory Lewis

    Director of Finance & Marketing

    Gregory Lewis MBA is a professional whose background includes board and financial management experience with medical, healthcare, aviation, and financial sectors. Taking several corporations through rapid growth, Greg provides services to companies in the Caribbean, Australia, U.S., and Latin America. Specializing in private placements, bond offerings, and strategic marketing, he serves as Executive Director of the American HealthCare Foundation with fiscal management benefits in contractual negotiations, investor relations, and overseeing financial operations. Gregory has positioned the Corporation to achieve financial targets in early-stage investments. Gregory put in place the AlternaCare investor protocol.

    Dominique Andrews

    Dominique Andrews

    CTO Systems Engineer

    Fifteen years experience in healthcare/information technology, proficiency in interface mapping/design, hardware diagnostics, user training, implementing and managing systems over multiple platforms, recognized for providing technical solutions involving interface/data management, networking, software/hardware selection, and systems analysis. Skilled at efficiency and maximize the return on investment, implementing cutting-edge technology solutions and training system administrators.

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