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Welcome to Health Reinvented

A New Paradigm Reinventing Health, Healthcare & Health Insurance Holistically is AlternaCare!

"When integrity is the foundation for change...then change provides the answer"

 - Kari E. Gray, AlternaCare CEO

Educate. Enlighten. Empower.

Welcome to Health Reinented

AlternaCare is a new paradigm serving people who say ENOUGH! of the insanity who want to be part of the change based on a holistic lifestyle. We're merging membership with a holistic new paradigm found nowhere else, to be the change we want to see.

Our Mission:

A. Empower members with the Living Prevention lifestyle

B. Build change based on health truth, sustainability, and results

C. Educate, empower, and enlighten people with answers

D. Through integrity serve people of integrity

E. Lead an all-alternative health, healthcare & health insurance system

F. Advocate for people who deserve better

H. Provide change for new outcomes

How We're Creating Change:

Through 6-Pillars outlined below, is our 'big picture - big change' mission. The AlternaCare Foundation is committed to providing answers that reinvent health, health care, and health insurance holistically. This is AlternaCare.

Join Us. Donate. Volunteer.

The Six Pillars 'Big Picture - Big Mission' Change

AlternaCare Premium Membership

Pillar 1

Choose Living Prevention -

The First Step to Change

Step One- The first step to change starts when we choose to Live a Prevention first life. This choice is more powerful than treatments, vaccines, cures, and remission and is ours to make. Join us and start Living your Prevention First success story as a Premium Member!

Pillar 2

Find Your People -

The Preventer's Tribe!

Step Two - Change happens when people who want change come together and say ENOUGH! of the insanity and greed in healthcare, pharma, and insurance. If you're ready for holistic change, AlternaCare Premium Membership is your tribe. In the Preventers Tribe, is in Premium Membership

Pillar 3

The Living Prevention Academy - This is Health Reinvented

Step Three - Living Prevention in a world of toxins is an educated choice based on prevention education. Sorting health propaganda from health truth, AlternaCare Premium Membership includes the Living Prevention Academy to ensure you know how to live #PreventionNotPrescription

+ Click here to Join Us.

+PreventionNotPrescription is a course for prescription freedom through a Living Prevention lifestyle.

Pillar 4

Healthy-Care the New Paradigm

to Reinventing Healthcare

Step Four - Reinventing healthcare means using for primary care science-based quantum medicine. A non-toxic, non-invasive, personalized, cost-effective modality to root cause, healthy-care includes;

Living Prevention Coaching +

Quantum / Energy technology +

Quantum Energy Practitioners +

Access is in Premium Membership Click Here to Learn More

+Coaching, providers, treatments, and technology are additional costs to AlternaCare Premium membership.

Pillar 5

AlternaShare Insurance Alternative is Health Insurance Reinvented

Step Five- Reinventing health insurance is AlternaShare+. Exclusively available to AlternaCare Premium Members who follow plant-based eating, AlternaShare (available in late 2020) uses an uncommon-sense approach to cost-sharing found nowhere else. Providing all medicine sharing and healthy-care for primary care is AlternaShare. Click Here for Details.

+AlternaShare costs are in addition to Premium Membership.

+AlternaShare is available for members age 0-64

+ Membership is a no vice plant-based community

Pillar 6

Shift Dollars to Fund the Changes You Want to See

Step Six- Shifting spending to financially support change is what makes change happen. AlternaCare Premium Membership is one way we holistically reinvent health, health care, and health insurance together. Click to Join Us or donate to support change!

AlternaCare's grassroots mission is here to serve people not served by the conventional health systems"

-Kari E. Gray AlternaCare CEO

Living Prevention Not Consequence

Don't Wait Start Today!

AlternaCare is a 501(c)3 grassroots for-purpose nonprofit whose innovations are leading change. Founded by a three-decade terminal cancer survivor, whose own powerful story through the cancer-for-profit system, made clear, 'healthcare' and health insurance are disappointing, disconnected, dysfunctional, dishonest, and deceitful.

Seeing the need for change, Kari E. Gray a former insurance professional 'cracked the code' and found a better way to serve people not served by the 'profit from disease' system.

Join Us. Donate. Volunteer. And Make a Difference

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Knowing truth is powerful,

Living truth is life-changing!

Join Us. Donate. Volunteer.

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AlternaCare - POB 1607 - Hollywood, FL 33022.