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The Living Prevention Guide

Health Reinvented - The Living Prevention Guide

The Living Prevention Guide is the foundation of clean living and AlternaShare enrollment. Each item listed below is researchable (some are hyperlinked - look for bold font) and the more adjustments we make to follow the Guide, the better quality of life we live by reducing toxin load, detoxing, cleansing, and increasing nutrient absorption.

Living Prevention Follow Guide

Use organic cotton tampons

Use natural makeup/personal care

Use organic essential oils

Use houseplants to clean inside air

Supplement Humic/Fulvic Acid

Iodine / Copper

Drink structured water

Live in peace and love

Make time for spirituality

Reduce toxins Colon

Cleanse through colonics

Sleep grounded

Focus on nutrition, minerals & healthy plant-based fats

Use coffee enemas

Practice forgiveness of self and others

Have companionship & love

Use non-toxic substances for hygiene

Use non-toxic substances for cleaning

Use only natural salts for seasoning

Be willing to change

Eat the rainbow of fruits and veggies daily

Let go of negative emotions

Pay off /avoid deb


Be or cultivate contentment

Bargain shop

Repurpose / Recycle

Live eco-friendly

Downsize if possible

Sleep 7-9 hrs a day

Wear leather sole shoes

Go barefoot on the earth

Be monogamous

Cook in glass, stainless steel, ceramic

Use thermography for scans

Use homeoprophylaxis for immunizations

Grow an organic garden

Use astaxanthin for sun protection

Live clean /Eat clean

Do what you love

Find your purpose

Consume only *raw dairy or

Test microbiome

Be respectful of others, self, earth & animals

Meditate daily

Give thanks

Focus on gratitude daily

**90% organic vegan recommended as a goal

*Pasteurization turns what is healthy into harmful.

Living Prevention Avoid List


Artificial flavors, colors, fragrances, and dyes

MSG Eating from styrofoam, plastic, aluminum

Dirty dozen produce

Unprotected Smart meters

Root canals

Microwaved food

White sugar, white flour, white table salt

Processed food

Narcotics /Antidepressants

Teflon coatings

Aluminum cookware

Cooking in aluminum foil

Alcohol abuse

Aspartame / processed sweeteners

Hydrogenated oils

Radiation / Chemo


Smoking /vaping/chewing

Sedentary life

Bromine - a food additive


High fructose sugar / processed sugars

Negative environment & thoughts


Conventionally grown food

Fast food

Chemical sunscreen

Flame retardant materials

VOC's in glues, paints, materials

Chemical dry cleaning

Chemical bug spray

Wireless baby monitors

Ultrasounds in pregnancy

3rd shift/swing shift work

Conventional tampons

Silicone Injections

Hydrogenated oil

Violence (behavior or entertainment)

Self-destructive thinking and living

Silicone implants

Eating what you can't pronounce

Unnecessary Prescriptions


Dirty Vaccines

Dirty Flu Shots

Pesticides/Herbicides/ Fungicides

Blood transfusions

Mercury amalgam fillings & dentistry

Aluminum in eye drops

Aluminum in antiperspirant

Aluminum in cookware, foil, cans, medicines, etc.

Sexual Promiscuity

Harsh cleaning agents



Low-fat diets

Toxic relationships

CT's, X-rays, or PET scans

Statin drugs


Chlorinated water

Wearing a cell phone

Using an unprotected cell phone

Unprotected EMF devices

Sleep deprivation

Pork, raw fish, shellfish

High-stress living

Pasteurized food

Mercury thermometers / light bulbs


DEET bug spray



Blood in any form- transfusions, plasma or food




Soda /pop


Toxic people/relationships

Chemical scents & perfumes

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