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The Living Prevention Network

Welcome Providers to the

Living Prevention Provider Network (LPPN)

Creating the first Living Prevention Provider Network for AlternaCare members to access is in the works for 2020. Launching 6-Pillars to Health Reinvented, we are the new paradigm for healthy-care where providers, practitioners, and coaches in energy medicine serve members in their wellness journey.

To reinvent health care, we need trained and certified providers in modalities that deliver predictable outcomes and measurable results.

If you're ITIOH, (International Training Institute of Health) certified, please enroll as an LPPN practitioner below.

Are you certified by Quantum University, the Gerson Clinic, NES certified through Debbie Hart, Ondamed trained, Bio Light trained or Wolfe Certified we invite you to join us! Here, and Here.

Living Prevention Provider Network Launches in 2020

Click here to Enroll as Practitioner

Bringing ready clients to providers is how we create the win-win by ensuring you're as busy as you want to be by setting your schedule and our members win because you help them regain their health to live a prevention lifestyle.

Wearing Too Many Hats as a Provider

As a practitioner, your call is to be a health facilitator. What you find is you must also be a marketer, a finance company, a collection agency, and much more. 

It's hard to do it all as a practitioner. That's why we're here to help all of us by solving many of the issues you face, so you can focus on care and results.

In Health Reinvented, we're replacing health insurance with our healthy insurance replacement, we call it AlternaShare. Developed exclusively for our member community, AlternaShare is how we support each other in their wellness journey so we're not carrying health care costs alone.

A program where AlternaShare members after they reach their out of pocket responsibility, this community shares treatment costs that are holistic.

As a practitioner we ensure:

> Save marketing dollars with AlternaShare member demand

> Set your own schedule - be as busy as you want to be

> Listing by specialty for search

> Premium membership opens the door to AlternaShare (costs not included in enrollment) enrollment.

> Free Ambassador program - earn residual income from your client/patient enrollments

> Optional interview on Living Prevention TV

Creating the win-win-win we all need serves practitioners, clients, and community.

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