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Our Story

The AlternaCare story began when founder, Kari E. Gray faced her own life-crisis at age 25. Ours is a story of triumph over tragedy and started the wheels of change turning for all of us.

"How Cancer Saved My Life, and How It Now Saves Yours Too"

"Waiting in the exam room that day I sat alone with my thoughts and fears. I was referred here by my primary care doctor who had stunned me with a suspected diagnosis of MS. Traumatized by a life-altering diagnosis, this was my second visit to the specialist's office. As I waited nervously my life was about to change ways I could have never predicted.....  

When the specialist entered the room with my chart in hand, he had a friendly smile and demeanor. And as he sat down in the examining room across from me we made small talk. But we both knew why we were here. And it became obvious when he shifted the conversation to the reason we were in the exam room this day. 

In a calm voice, he said, '"So I have good news ….. and some not so good news. So let's talk first about the good news.... While I know your family Dr. felt your blood work confirmed you have MS, it appears from the new labs we've run and confirmed you don't have MS.... That was a misdiagnosis because MS isn't diagnosed by blood work"'. 

Kari continues, "A huge sigh of relief washed over me and my elation and relief felt like a million b pounds were taken off my shoulders, that is until only seconds later he continued.

"I'm sorry to have to break the news to you, ... because there's just no easy way to say this. ..... While from your new labs we confirmed it's not MS, we have confirmed it is definitely your liver like the other test showed. I know your primary care doctor explained to you your cell count is extremely high... so we've confirmed it's it is cancer..... and your terminal"'.

Gasping for air..... I was barely able to breathe as it was all I could to keep myself composed and not faint. With tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach I asked,..."So what are my options?"

His reply, '"In cases like yours when cancer is this advanced, there are no options. Chemo and radiation are of no use when cancer is this advanced."

As my heart pounded he continued, '"Because of the late stage of your cancer, there are no other options, please know how sorry I am. I wished there was more I could do. At this point, I think it's best you go home, rest, and make any arrangements you need to make. And please know how sorry I am. I really wished I there was more that can be done."

Sitting alone the shock was surreal...

Trying to stay composed, Kari sat in the exam with tears streaming. While her Dr. tried to console her with tissues, he soon left the room and sent his nurse in who assured her she "could stay as long as she needed to".

In shock and disbelief, a torrent of tears made leaving the Dr.'s office difficult and the drive home almost impossible.

Left to break the news to her then-husband, it was here a young mother full of life s\and vitality, found herself plummeting emotionally in emotional darkness when left without hope.

Kari felt eery darkness engulf her thoughts as the crushing weight of devastating news of depression began to set in.

With words of a deadly diagnosis stuck on replay in her mind, she started a vicious cycle where overwhelm paralyzed her with fear as death loomed.

The will to live is our greatest drive. Once compromised, it is as if we fight a losing battle because the 'master switch' is turned off when our psyche changes. Once we're made to believe we're dying, trying to achieve remission is nearly impossible. This in part explains why allopathic approaches long-term survival rate over 10 years, is in the single-digits.

Refusing to Give Up

It was here that Kari found the determination to live and fight. "At first "I was paralyzed by fear in death belief" Kari describes. She relates, "When I was diagnosed terminal. that is a day in your life you never see yourself facing nor do you ever forget the nightmare.

It's called the 'unthinkable' for a reason because it is unimaginable. In the prime of your life, you sure don't see yourself facing cancer.

My experience taught me cancer paralyzes a person in fear and overwhelm. My then doctor's words haunted me and replayed in my mind as a record scratched, and my spirit was crushed.

When I was diagnosed terminal, cancer showed me how when the news coming from a 'medical expert', changes you. That is a very dangerous position to be in because if we lose hope, we lose the will to live, and that is when dying starts.

I see diagnosis changes our subconscious. And if it's a terminal diagnosis, that makes survival almost impossible."

Kari continues, "Cancer is like the nightmare,... you know the one where you need to run for your life, and you can't. And while your heart is pounding you can't move. Then when you wake up, you're exhausted as the adrenaline from the nightmare is damaging, But with cancer, the real nightmare is waking up from because what awaits is worse than the nightmare in sleep.

It is overwhelming to feel like you can't escape. There's no running away and fear pounds in every beat of your heart, every moment, every day. As it does you feel weaker as the exhaustion and overwhelm take over".

Kari continues....

"When I was diagnosed I cried and prayed a lot. Those early days of cancer are days you never forget that level of trauma".

Looking Back

Kari attributes the strength of surviving to the power of prayer and love for her children. With faith stronger than adversity, and love greater than a terminal diagnosis, Kari found the determination to not give up.

She relates, "After being diagnosed, I was so weak all I could do was lay in bed or sit and rock and hold my babies. It was here a haunting movie would play in my mind of their future ….. each milestone in their life will be haunted by my not being there like a black cloud over their whole life.....

The harder I tried to stop the movie the more it overwhelmed me. As I saw each milestone in my girl's lives overshadowed by the painful reminder of a mother they never had to laugh with, cry on, celebrate with, and who would be there when times were hard, was crushing as a child abandoned by her own parents.

Seeing their future pain again broke my heart and it again overwhelmed me with grief. I begged Jehovah God to give me the wisdom to know what to do. (Jehovah is God's personal name found at Pslams 83:18).

As my life hung in the balance, surviving cancer came from prayers answered. The first gave me the will to not give up, and later, gave me the direction to know what steps to follow".

Regaining determination to not give up, Kari vowed if she lost the battle, she would leave a legacy of a momma who never gave up as the bitter-sweet end as the only 'gift' she could leave for them.

"I never spoke a word of cancer to my children until in the last couple of years. Their entire life they never knew I had this crisis because I wanted to protect them and live our lives to the full not in fear.

How Cancer Changed My Life

Kari explains, "What I learned is fear is powerful enough to break the strongest of people. When fear is all you feel day and night once your diagnosed, its counterintuitive to remission. While I understand the reason for diagnosis, I see it as a two-edged sword. When a person of authority gives you that kind of news, and says you 'have no hope, no options, no answers' where do you go from there? Those words change you subconsciously and that is a right no one should have over another person.

Dying starts because thinking changes, and it is a slippery slope after. To change or alter someone's beliefs and rewire their brain from 'will to live' to 'giving up' is why I think the system is disease-creating

I've experienced it and seen more times than I can count terminal diagnoses devastate and freeze the brain in a belief that is not true. No matter the situation, hope should be in every diagnosis. Hope is critical to recovery. But fear is what makes the system work because selling fear is where the money is made.

Fear drives people to submit to accepting toxic poisons like chemo and radiation who would never do so/ But fear, desperation, and coercion by insurance and medical pressure are powerful motivators

Once you're in the 'that is what the Dr. says and he knows more because he spent all those years on an education, is why people go against their better judgment. When intimidation comes into play, fear of the unknown makes people pliable."

Surviving formidable odds makes Kari a beacon of light and inspiration to anyone facing a crushing life situation. It's why she shares her personal story to inspire others to never lose hope, never give up, and never stop believing in the power of our own body's power to create miracles. When asked to "come in for more tests", Kari realized the last thing she needed was more bad news. She declined Dr.'s orders for more tests despite their repeated attempts to get her to surrender.

"What I needed was hope, and hope wasn't coming from the medical Dr.'s I was seeing," she says. Kari says prayer gave her the wisdom to know how to change. She relates, "Struggling to not lose all hope, I found prayers helped me go from hopeless to hopeful. The holy spirit that Jesus said our Father in heaven gives generously to all who ask for it. I know the "wisdom from above" (James 1: 3-5) is what shifted me from the inside to not lose hope, to search for answers, and to not accept what I was told as the only option, and start searching for answers while I had time.

Doing so years before the internet made finding answers easy, was challenging. Lying in bed I had a profound revelation 'what if the Dr. is wrong?' then came 'if the Dr. is wrong and there is something he doesn't know, I need to find it'.

Prayers answered gave me the determination to leave no stone unturned, and that's where the real change started".

A Life Course Shift

Networking with family, friends, and strangers, Kari was eventually was referred by a friend to a naturopath who practiced from a home office in Bentonville, AR. Here the first voice of hope came.

Telling the practitioner nothing of the medical diagnosis, the lab tests, or the results, Sharon also found terminal liver cancer through kinesiology.

Confused with the testing method used, Kari became a believer after Sharon struggled to break the news as Kari relates. "Sharon didn't know how to tell me or that I knew. Grappling for words she said, '"I don't know how to tell you this,.... but it's your liver and it's...... cancer.....and you don't have a lot of time"'.

I assured her I already knew, she was relieved and asked, '"What did they tell you?"' When I told her she next asked, '"Do you believe it?"' My response, "I don't want to that's why I am here".

Looking back, those few words reflected my mindset and the shift I needed to survive. I needed hope and a reason to stay hopeful. I needed someone to help me know I could heal. Sharon provided all of that, she was my 'gift from above' (James 1:17).'"

"What the Mind Believes the Body Achieves"

Sharon next offered Kari a protocol that would be "aggressive, expensive, denied by health insurance, and would work if you are 100% committed to change" relates Kari.

I accepted the terms because she also assured me I had no time to waste. What I didn't know was how challenging and life-altering of a process this was going to be.

I soon found out with Sharon's first instruction, go to the bookstore and buy "The Yeast Connection" by Dr. William Crook. It was in the pages of this book I came to understand why I had cancer, and why all the changes I had to make needed to be made. It overwhelmed me, and for a while, because we're creatures of habit, it made changing old habits difficult".

With a lifetime of bad food choices to break and new ways of living to learn, Kari realized what she craved was sugar and sugar cravings are controlled by yeast that drives sugar cravings. Having to break a sugar addiction is tough for anyone who has ever tried it, and it a road of failure if sugar is in the house. Having a family of yeast-controlled sugar addicts who had health issues is when I was overwhelmed again. But I in time knowing what was at stake, choose to make the changes needed despite how hard change was."

Kari focused on her 'WHY' - her children. Everyday love for them gave her the discipline to stay on course. She cleaned out her kitchen of all food that feeds yeast and found again while the decision to commit to Sharon was easy, what followed was not. Love for her children gave Kari the motivation to not waver as she found love more powerful than food addictions and cravings.

Kari attests, "Love is the most powerful motivation there is to do the right thing for those we love. As a manifestation of God's holy spirit that makes us more powerful than any addiction".

"We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: Inspiration or Desperation." Jim Rohn -

Jim Rohn -

Cancer Recovery Protocol

The Yeast Connection gave Kari a start in what would be a lifetime of connecting dots. Before cancer, like most, Kari trusted her family's health to her Dr. The Yeast Connection made clear bad medicine was contributing to why she had cancer because antibiotics destroy the immune system. When sugar is added, stress, emotional trauma, and toxin overload, a crisis is in the making.

With a list of health problems ranging from; hypoglycemia, athlete's foot, bladder infections, chronic laryngitis, bronchitis, Kari, found each issued shared the same root cause, yeast.

"Why was I never told every time I went to the doctor for these problems each has the same root cause?" Feeling deceived for trusting the medical system, Kari for the first time began to question the integrity of conventional medicine.

Kari relates, "I wasn't given the knowledge to know how short-term treatments like antibiotics have in long term consequences? Why would my Dr. never tell me antibiotics create bigger problems than the symptoms they lessen? Why was I never told to restore my gut health to save my immune system?

Once I understood yeast is one root cause of cancer, I felt empowered and exploited. Knowing this simple truth for decades has been withheld from the public and the suffering that results from the antibiotic 'cure-all' sets people up for disease, is unconscionable? When we live without a properly working immune system, live a high-stress life, we are a disaster in the making.

Next, I found the audiobook "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" as another eye-opener as I came to see the corruption of the medical system, who profits from mineral deficiencies lead to disease. These facts and more make clear 'healthcare' has been set up to profit by us not knowing the truth.

When I began my lifestyle overhaul, I threw out hundreds of dollars of 'food-like products and started with a cleaner kitchen. That was followed by cleanses of all my vital organs; liver, kidney, colon, gallbladder, spleen, lung, heart followed by detoxification and using thousands of supplements - Standard Process and NeoLife were, for the most part, my protocol.

With Sharon's coaching came more changes I needed to make. With weekly practitioner visits, bodywork, massages, chiropractor, and supplements I was determined to survive. All these changes took me in a direction I would have never guessed that came next.

Sharon warned the protocol would be expensive, her forewarning was on point. I found self-funding expensive. As I totaled my expenses, my life shifted in yet another way.

Denied Benefits Set the Stage

Adding up the protocol to be thousands of dollars, Kari sent receipts to her then health insurance company. In spite of the warning Sharon provided, as a business person, Kari saw her investment a fraction of what insurance would have covered in conventional cancer treatments - chemo and radiation. Reasoning this comparison would make reimbursement a deal, she submitted a claim for reimbursement.

Receipts submitted were promptly followed by a letter of denial for expenses that are "unproven and out of policy". It was here Kari saw the injustice of health insurance, a system denying legitimate alternatives which a fraction of the cost of conventional medicine, seemed hypocritical when the same company pays without issue, conventional cancer treatments costing many times more.

Kari realized when people can least afford to self-fund alternative medicine, is when it's most needed. This great injustice needed resolving but Kari knew to appeal would be an exercise in futility. She kept her focus on the battle with cancer knowing a battle with insurance would be a fight for another day.

Denied coverage, in 1989 Kari envisioned a new kind of health insurance coverage where a person who needs alternative medicine, after paying premiums in good faith, would have that kind of care in their options.

Strength to Survive - Became the Foundation to Thrive

Once in remission, a new chapter in Kari's life opened which in time, took one determined woman with drive and clarity, in search of answers. Looking for alternative medicine health insurance sent >Kari on a two-decade search for answers.

Contacting dozens of insurance agents looking for coverage she envisioned with no results, in 2013 Kari was offered a career in insurance, and now the stage was set for a problem-solver to discover how to 'crack the code' to creating alternative medicine health insurance.

Kari wrote the first policy for alternative medicine health insurance after discovering why health insurance denies natural medicine in coverage.

Putting her new insurance skills to work, Kari called her beta project "GreenSurance". She built a website to attract a list of buyers and soon she found despite the list of buyers, no insurance company would underwrite a policy for alternative medicine health insurance.

Creating AlternaCare

In 2014, Kari turned to Obamacare and in 3000 pages of legislation, found medical cost-sharing. Seeking to find a medical cost-share group who would embrace her vision, Kari found none but in time one agreed and an alliance with that group was formed.

With a small team, Kari launched the project at mygreensurance.com in 2015 with the ‘better than health insurance’ message. GreenSurance was a success but in April 2017, GreenSurance was closed when the needs of the member group were not being met by the cost-share group.

Kari working on her mission for change began the AlternaCare project as the 2.0 version of GreenSurance.

Today, AlternaCare is a humanitarian 501c(3) nonprofit whose vision to provide a disruptive mission for change. AlternaCare is here to serve people who want optimum health and wellness in a health reinvention

This is the powerful story of how cancer saved one woman's life when it showed her the reasons there must be a change and that is how cancer now saves your life too as AlternaCare brings the answers to reinvent health, health care, and health insurance holistically.

Kari E. Gray's life story inspires others to not give up no matter the odds.

"What I want people to know is cancer is NOT a death sentence. We can choose to change once we know the truth. Leaving fear and replacing it with the commitment to appreciate how wonderfully we're made, is how cancer is a powerful wake-up message telling us we're not taking care of ourselves. As long as we're alive we can change, and when we change, we have an equal chance at remission".

When we live change and focus on mindset and lifestyle, to live a positive life of love and change, we're proactive, not fearful, and peace is where the miracle of healing happens" Kari relates.

I want to share my story to inspire others. It is a privilege to inspire others. I am here to help people find answers through AlternaCare.

The Money is in Treatment Not Treatment Cures

Today, this terminal liver cancer-conqueror for over 30-years says, "Cancer showed me how wrong with the conventional health care system is. Having experts determine you have no hope is how dying starts when our belief is changed. When belief is shifted, dying starts because what our mind believes, the body achieves.

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    This is the powerful story of how cancer saved one woman's life when it showed her the reasons there must be a change and that is how cancer now saves your life too as AlternaCare brings the answers to reinvent health, health care, and health insurance holistically.

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